Navigation Wear Navigation for your smartwatch

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1. Install and launch Navigation Wear apps

2. Enable Notification Access

  • Navigation wear needs access to notifications. Without this permission will not be able to read Google Maps notification and display it on your smartwatch.
  • Navigation Wear app checks if this permission is granted. Make sure there's no warning displayed when you open Navigation Wear smartphone app.
  • If you see warning tap on "Enable" button and turn on switch for Navigation Wear App.

3. Check if Google Maps app can show notifications

  • Navigation Wear app reads notifications from Google Maps app. Make sure Google Maps can show notifications when navigating.
  • Open Notification settings for Google Maps application on your smartphone using "Enable Google Maps Notifications" button in "Help" section of Navigation Wear Android app.
  • Activate "Show Notifications" when disabled.
  • Test if notification with navigation info is shown in status bar when you launch navigation in Google Maps app.

4. Allow run in background permission

  • Some smartphones shut down applications running in background. Navigation Wear needs to be able to run in background.
  • Navigation Wear checks if "Run in background" permission is granted. Make sure you tap on "Allow" button when this alert is displayed.

5. Disable battery optimizations and power saving mode

  • Various taskkiller apps and battery optimization functions sometimes keep Navigation Wear app in sleep mode.
  • Navigation Wear app may not work properly even if your smartphone is in power saving mode. You need to turn it off.
  • You need to disable optimizations for Navigation Wear app in your smartphone's settings. This is especially important for Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and Oneplus phones.

6. Restart your devices

  • If you went through all the steps above and navigation instructions are still not visible on your smartwatch, something may be stuck.
  • Try to restart your smartphone as well as your smartwatch and launch navigation apps again

7. Further support

  • If nothing helped to solve your problem conntact our support byt tapping on "Contact us" button in Navigation Wear smartphone app.
  • Give us detailed description of your problem (brand and model of your smartphone, Android version, brand and model of your smartwatch). You can attach screenshots or photos.